Quality standards

VOG AG stands for the maintenance of high standards of quality. Every single product must fulfil certain criteria, depending on the commodity group, in order to be carried in the range.

In order to meet the high quality requirements and to be able to respond flexibly to customer requests, VOG certifications have been implemented in the companies according to the following standards:

VOG AG IFS Broker MSC Bio Fairtrade FSC® ASC
IMGRO IFS Broker Bio
Vogtrans Mautern IFS Bio
Weinkellerei Lenz Moser IFS FSSC
Rapso Austria IFS Gentechnik frei

Food items:Continuous quality controls – from the inspection of suppliers, the checking of raw materials, above the taking of samples to certification by accredited laboratories and tastings – are intended to guarantee the customer the greatest possible product security.

Non-Food items:The inspection of the producers and manufacturing sites, as well as TÜV tests testify to the quality and safety of the goods.

Suppliers:Long-term partnerships with suppliers help us to maintain the continuously high standards of quality expected by VOG’s long-term customers.

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