Automated packaging
Automated packaging

Packdienst Mautern

Founded in 1971, VOG AG took over the company in Mautern (Styria) in 1975. Here imported dried fruit is cleaned, processed and packaged. As well as the modern packaging machines and the high-bay storage system, the location also has a cool store and a roasting system. VOG AG has had experience in handling raw materials since the 1920s, and in determining theier origin and quality.

Activity Grating, roasting, mixing and packaging of dried fruit, nuts,
pulses and cereals in comsumption-friendly packaging units
New in 2020:
CO2 pressure desinfestation
Residue-free pest control (including organic food).
Also wage desinfestation for food and non-food items.
Production programme
Around 200 different items from 50 g to 5,000 g
Production capacity
Up to 25 million units annually
Storage capacity
11,500 pallet spaces
Employees 39
Distributed by
VOG AG Linz and IMGRO Vienna for Austria
VOG Darmstadt for Germany

Building Mautern
Building Mautern
Pressure disinfestation
Pressure disinfestation
IFS Certificate VOGTRANS Mautern
Austria Bio Guaranty
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