Lenz Moser - Lenz Moser is Austria’s wine

From the cultured plant to table culture
The old estate cellars were first mentioned in documents in 1124, and now Lenz Moser is the leading winery in Austria. Family Moser has always influenced viticulture, but it was revolutionised by Professor Dr. Lenz Moser III, who generated clear improvements with regard to quality and working methods, thanks to a new training system in viticulture ("Lenz Moser high crop"). In 1986 VOG AG took over the winery and made Lenz Moser into an important partner in the national and international food trade, specialist trade and in the catering trade. To this day the wines originate exclusively from Austria. Lenz Moser Winery’s greatest priority is to be among the absolute forerunners in every price category with regard to quality, and to offer these wines at a reasonable price. The numerous and repeated awards confirm that this objective is always reached. Lenz Moser offers a full range in the areas of white, red, rosé and sweet wine.

The heart of the business can be found at the headquarters in Rohrendorf near Krems on the Danube: the winery. Lenz Moser works exclusively with winegrowers and winemaking cooperatives in Lower Austria and Burgenland. Furthermore, Lenz Moser also manages the monastery winery of Siegendorf (Neusiedlersee-Hügelland/Burgenland) and the castle winery of the Knights of Malta in Mailberg (Wine District/Lower Austria) with a total of 75 hectares of vineyards.
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