VOG Group

VOG AG has been a public limited company since 1991 (previously a limited liability company) and operates 12 first and second tier subsidiaries in total. Seven connected companies are registered domestically and six are based outside Austria. The entire share capital is held by five shareholders from Upper Austria.

Corporate headquartersThe whole group is run from the corporate headquarters in Linz (Upper Austria). The classic, central management tasks are carried out here for most of the companies in order to keep maintain tight organisation. A modern IT system faciliates the planning and control of the corporate group.

Purchasing, sales and export Purchasing for most item groups is managed at the headquarters in Linz for all domestic and foreign subsidiaries together, in order to guarantee competitive prices and conditions.
Sales of food and non-food items are conducted at corporate headquarters for Austria and for those countries in which VOG AG is not represented by a distributor. The subsidiaries cover the respective countries in which they are located. The producing companies (Rapso, Lenz Moser) conduct their own exports (all of Europe and the export of wine worldwide).

Dr. F. Plank  | W. Holzner  | A. Pirschl | Mag. K. Kernreiter

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