Values & Visions

The corporate history of VOG AG shows that our company has always adapted to change in addressing the needs of our customers and the requirements of the market.

VOG AG considers its mission to be a service company for the food trade and fulfils this in all directions:
  • High value is placed on the controlled quality of products and thus product security.
  • Product diversity is reflected in our comprehensive range – consisting of a combination of own brands and sales brands.
  • Large warehouse capacities ensure short delivery times.
  • Stability and reliability are made possible by long-term partnerships with customers, suppliers and employees.
  • Short, direct decision making and communication routes allow swift reactions and a high level of service.
  • Handshakes quality, honesty, flexibility, a principled stand and our long company history make VOG a traditional company.

Quality and service are the two characteristics that determine the basic orientation of VOG AG. Success has proven the value of this principle, which is why the corporate philosophy of VOG AG will always remain: “Serving the trade since 1916”.

The current version of our Supplier Code of Conduct can be found here
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