Automated packaging
Automated packaging

Packdienst Mautern

Founded in 1971, VOG AG acquired the company from Mautern (Styria) in 1975. VOG AG has been dealing with raw materials, which differ according to their origin, grade and quality, since the 1920s. The grinding and roasting of imported dried fruit takes place in Mautern: only in this way can the high quality of products be guaranteed.

Alongside the modern packing plant and high-bay warehouse, there is a cold warehouse and a roasting plant on the site. Efficient packing processes and modern logistics also facilitate the handling of short-notice orders.

In line with modern-day requirements, needless to say, this enterprise is IFS-certified. In addition, certificates for organic and Fair Trade products enable us to respond to the wishes of customers with flexibility.

As in all our activities, we never rest on our laurels. We also aim to consolidate our strong position as a market leader through optimisation and innovation. Our latest project involves the reinstallation of a disinfestation system at our packing plant, thanks to which we will also be able to offer organic quality baking ingredients in the future. The process is suitable for almost all types of food, whereby the pressure and the amount of CO2 supplied can be optimally adapted to the respective product.

Activity Grating, roasting, mixing and packaging of dried fruit, nuts,
pulses and cereals in comsumption-friendly packaging units
New in 2020:
CO2 pressure desinfestation
Residue-free pest control (including organic food).
Also wage desinfestation for food and non-food items.
Production programme
Around 200 different items from 50 g to 5,000 g
Production capacity
Up to 25 million units annually
Storage capacity
11,500 pallet spaces
Employees 42
Distributed by
VOG AG Linz and IMGRO Vienna for Austria
VOG Darmstadt for Germany

Building Mautern
Building Mautern
Pressure disinfestation
Pressure disinfestation
IFS Certificate VOGTRANS Mautern
Austria Bio Guaranty
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