Declaration of commitment: Our corporate principles are not only conveyed by the management, but also practiced by all employees. The corporate objectives and decisions are derived from our corporate principles.
In all of the following points, the management has to support the effective functioning of the quality management system, as well as instruct the employees that quality is not only driven by the quality management, but quality has to be in compliance with customer requirements and legal and voluntary standards and requires the participation of each individual employee! The work of our quality management is based on the corporate principles:

Customer orientation
The VOG Group's guiding principle is: "serving the trade since 1916". We consider ourselves as service providers and problem solvers. Customer orientation is our driving force and the cornerstone of the company's long-term success.

Since the demands of consumers are continuously increasing, it is essential to increase the quality of products, services and processes to facilitate a continuous improvement process. However, continuous improvement can only be achieved by carrying out root cause analyzes, employee training and setting corporate objectives (including the monitoring of the implementation). This is the only way to ensure the long-term success of the company.

Employee orientation
Motivated employees form the basis for an efficient and goal-oriented way of working. This can be pursued, for example through a suitable working environment and infrastructure as well as through employee events and trainings. Our high standards concerning product- and service quality can only be met if our values are internalized by the employees.

Long-term supplier relationships
The quality requirements of the customers can only be met by working with adequate suppliers providing excellent service. First-time and regular suppliers are checked according to specific criteria and are systematically evaluated regularly.

Managers are role models. Their professional and disciplinary work is based on the mission statement, the purpose of the organization as well as the general orientation and the quality principles of the organization. It is the responsibility of the company management to define objectives and monitor their implementation. The management focuses on customer orientation and has to maintain the high product and service quality. The managers are responsible for supporting the quality management system and to create an environment in which the employees are able to achieve the (quality) goals.

The management of VOG AG deals with the corporate context in order to understand the importance for the strategic orientation and ensures that the quality policy and the quality objectives are defined and compatible with the context and the strategic orientation of VOG AG. The management supports and motivates relevant managers.

The management has to make sure that sufficient resources for quality management and for the implementation of the corporate objectives are provided in order to initiate and implement continuous improvement processes. In particular, this includes resources for:
  • training regarding product quality and legal compliance,
  • maintaining product safety and safety at work,
  • the implementation of improvement measures and measures against deficiencies

Continuous improvement
Continuous improvement is intended in all areas of the company in order to meet increasing customer demands and to remain competitive. This is done by:
  • solving problems and conflicts
  • appropriate employee training courses
  • defining goals and making key figures measurable
  • motivated employees

Process-oriented approach

In order to design processes optimally and comprehensibly, process descriptions are provided by the quality management. It is also important to know about the interaction between the processes in order to be able to intervene at the right time if necessary. The processes and process descriptions are continuously improved due to practical experience. This is done by solving problems, implementing improvement measures and evaluating business figures and goals.

Risk-based thinking
Risk-based thinking is promoted by the orientation towards a management system according to ISO 9001. Risk assessments raise awareness of business risks. The identified risks are minimized through appropriate control measures.

Factual approach to decision making
In order to be able to make effective decisions, it is important that these are based on analysis methods and that the decisions correspond with the quality goals.

Quality standards:VOG AG stands for the maintenance of high standards of quality. Every single product must fulfil certain criteria, depending on the commodity group, in order to be carried in the range.

In order to meet the high quality requirements and to be able to respond flexibly to customer requests, VOG certifications have been implemented in the companies according to the following standards:

VOG AG IFS Broker MSC Bio Fairtrade FSC® ASC ISO 9001
IMGRO IFS Broker Bio
Vogtrans Mautern IFS Bio GMO-free
Weinkellerei Lenz Moser IFS FSSC
Rapso Austria IFS Gentechnik frei
VOG Import-Export Deutschland Ges.m.b.H. IFS Broker

Food items:Continuous quality controls – from the inspection of suppliers, the checking of raw materials, above the taking of samples to certification by accredited laboratories and tastings – are intended to guarantee the customer the greatest possible product security.

Non-Food items:The inspection of the producers and manufacturing sites, as well as TÜV tests testify to the quality and safety of the goods.

Suppliers:Long-term partnerships with suppliers help us to maintain the continuously high standards of quality expected by VOG’s long-term customers.

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