In the area of food, VOG offers rapeseed oil (RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil), dried fruit and preserves. The comprehensive range can be expanded to include new products. Continuous quality controls are the highest principle for all food items, in order to maintain customary high standards.

Rapeseed oil The premium product RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil originates entirely in Austria and is produced by the Aschach Oil Mill. Thanks to well-chosen rapeseed varieties, controlled contracted cultivation by selected farmers, gentle methods of production and continuous quality controls, the particularly healthy rapeseed oil under the brand name RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil has become the most important rapeseed oil brand in Central Europe. Around 75 % of overall production is sold outside Austria.
Dried fruitIn Austria by Packdienst Mautern the basic products are milled, roasted and, depending on the product, packed into their respective packaging. This approach has a number of advantages: it guarantees on the one hand that only top-class, fresh goods are imported, and on the other hand, continuous quality controls are possible throughout the entire production process. The processing and storage of these goods in Austria also prolongs their shelf life. Furthermore, depending on customer wishes, the goods can be packaged in individual unit sizes and with different labels. New in 2020: CO2 pressure disinfestation - Residue-free pest control (including organic food).
PreservesThe canned and tinned products are divided into different areas: as well as classic preserves such as fruit, fish, vegetables, tomatoes and mushrooms, other products such as antipasti, olives, vinegar and spreads are sold. The products are imported in finished packaging as own VOG-brands or trade brands. In other cases, VOG is the exclusive representative of renowned manufacturers such as VIER DIAMANTEN tuna fish, GOLD REEF fruit preserves, etc.
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