Rapso - 100% pure rapeseed oil, the original

Produced naturally. Controlled naturally. From Austria, naturally.
The premium product RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil was developed in the context of a project with the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture and Saatbau Linz. Since the introduction of the brand to market in 1995, RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil has demonstrated a noticeable development both domestically and abroad and has become the most important rapeseed oil brand in Central Europe. Around 75 % of overall production is sold outside Austria.

Produced naturally
100 % of the rapeseed is pressed carefully, refined in a natural manner, and bottled in product-friendly bottles that are protected from the light. RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil is Austrian quality from one source, thanks to its production at one location.

Controlled naturally
From the seed to the finished, bottled RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil, continuous quality controls are conducted: in our own laboratory, by state food testing agencies and by AGROVET in the field of genetic technology.

From Austria, naturally
Choice rapeseed varieties from selected Austrian controlled contracted farmers are processed to become RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil. The cultivation is carried out in careful and controlled agricultural circumstances.

RAPSO – 100 % Pure Rapeseed Oil is highly recommended from a nutritional perspective, as it is particularly healthy due to its special fatty acid spectrum (60 % monounsaturated fatty acids and over 30 % polyunsaturated fatty acids). Rapeseed oil can be used in healthy cuisine for crunchy salads, for roasting, baking and frying.
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